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Title: The Five Times James Missed his Opportunity (And the One Time He Didn’t)
Author: Miss ‘Drea
Rating: R
Pairing: James Norrington/Anamaria
Summary: He grew up to be an Admiral and she was still only just a slave.
Warnings: Angst, for once.

she didn't know how to write )
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Title: Completed
Author: Miss ‘Drea
Rating: R for surprise!nosex.
Pairing: Jack/Will
Summary: The world doesn’t need The Flying Dutchman anymore, and Jack, his crew and the lumbering ship itself passes on into legend, and shadow. Jack finds someone waiting for him.

Sequel to Fracture.


no one died at sea anymore )
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Title: A Life Lived in Fragments
Author: Miss ‘Drea
Fandom: Inkheart (Spell, Death)
Pairing: Mo Folchart/Dustfinger
Summary: Dustfinger wants so desperately to go home. Mo doesn’t realize he’ll miss him until Dustfinger is already gone.

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