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Title: The Long Con: The Set Up (1/3)
Author: Miss ‘Drea
Rating: NC-17.
Pairing: Jack/Will, Will/Elizabeth, Norrington/Elizabeth
Warnings:AU - no Pirates.
Summary: Based off of Hu$tle. Jack Sparrow wants his diamond, damn it!

“A’right, Gibbs, what’d’ya got?” asked the boss. The five thieves sat in a circle around a computer screen that Gibbs skillfully manipulated. A large man’s picture came up on screen.

“This is David Jones. He owns the entire line of Dutch Banks this side of the East End.” Another picture came up on screen. “This bank, however, is the one he uses for himself. Inside this vault,” a smaller picture in the right hand corner popped up, “is where he holds his most prized possession.”

Ana Maria gaped at the newest picture. “The Heart of the Ocean!” The diamond was a light tint of blue perfectly cut and just about the size of a large fist. “It’s just as beautiful as I remember it.”

Jack Sparrow leaned forward, his dark eyes alight. “We’re not doing it,” he said fiercely. “That’s final.”

“But Jack!” chorused the group of con artists. At his severe look everyone shut up. “No buts, gang. I’m not risking it. I’ve crossed Jones before. He won’t fall for a Long Con.”

The only silent member of the group finally spoke up. “So make it a bank robbery.”

“ robbery?” Jack repeated blankly. “Why would you suggest something like that, we’re not common criminals.”

The youngest member of Sparrow’s team grinned at him. “We’re not, no. But this isn’t a common job, is it?” Everyone shook their heads. “Put someone on the inside. Charlie or Ed would do it, if you can get a hold of them. Even Hector would do it.”

“He needs to be trusted,” Ana Maria said dryly. “So why are you suggesting Hector of all people?”

“I suggested Charlie and Ed first,” came the defensive reply. “I only said Hector would do it, not that he should.”

Jack broke in. “No good. Jones can I.D. Charlie, Ed and Hector.” There was a moment of down-trodden silence, and then he said, “Annie, you can do it!”

“You want me to work in a bank?” she asked incredulously. “Jack, I can’t even add two and two together!”

“What about Tia?” asked Gibbs, brightly. Everyone gave him a baleful look. “Or not,” he said. Once the attention was off him he grumbled, “what the hell’s wrong with Tia?”

Cotton looked at him, amused. “Maybe because she’s crazy?” he offered.

“Yeah, all right...” Gibbs conceded. “We don’t have anyone trust worthy enough to get away with it. I’m too old, Jack’s too cunning, Annie’s too stupid – ow– and Cotton’s too...” he searched for a word while rubbing the spot on his head where Ana Maria had hit him. “Cotton’s too smart!”

There was another moment of silence and everyone turned to look at the youngest member of the team. Jack smiled at him. “How would you like to be a bank clerk?”

His answer was dry. “Do I have a choice?”


The medium height nervous youth stood twitching in front of Bank Manager Swann’s desk. “Hi,” he said an endearing stutter to his voice. “My name’s Will Turner...”

“Will, m’boy! You’re here for the clerk job?” The robust voice of the manager warmed Will, and the young man nodded hesitantly.

“Y-yes. I are my credentials.” He handed Weatherby the resume and continued fidgeting.

Jack turned to his young lover and friend. “A’right. Theo down in Central cleared your record, and Andy took off anything that might look bad. Not perfect, but...”

Will looked back and forth from the papers that had been shoved in his hand to his boss. “Theo? Andy?” he asked helplessly, not understanding.

“Oh. Groves and Gillette. They owe me from a few years back, and well...” Jack shrugged and grinned, pushing the agitated man into the other room.

“You have friends in the F.B.I. and you’re a con artist?” Will asked. “And how come I didn’t know they were from the F.B.I.?” he demanded after a seconds thought.

Ana Maria finally took pity on the boy, and stated calmly, “they’re not, but they played a classic, they infiltrated, deleted, and moved on. The Force’ll know nothing.”

Will blinked at her. “So I’m clear? No one will know I’m...?” he trailed off.

“Sweetheart,” Jack said, spinning Will around to face him. “They won’t even know you’re gay.”

“Mr. Turner? Is everything alright?” Will’s eyes snapped to the security guard who stood beside him. “Mr. Turner?”

“Sorry,” he said sheepishly, “I don’t know where my mind went. What was I supposed to be doing?”

James smiled at the boy, and led him over to the desk. “This is yours, son, you’re at customer service, so just take down their names, and why they’re at the bank, and send them over to the seated area to wait for Elizabeth or Weatherby. If you have any questions, Liz is on speed dial one.” James wandered back to his post shooting furtive glances at the girl behind the desk by Wills.

She leaned over towards Will and whispered conspiratorially, “usually, you just say my name.”

“I thought so, but he looked so happy to be helping that I just couldn’t stop him.” Will’s grin was infectious and the girl grinned. “Will Turner,” he said by way of introduction.

“Elizabeth Swann.” She held out a hand and he took it, pressing a delicate kiss on the back. She giggled and blushed.

“It’s nine o’clock, folks. Doors are opening.” Day one had officially started.

Jack held Will’s shoulder’s firmly. “Give me the plan again, Will.”

Dutifully, the younger man recited, “get the job, make nice with the locals, date one of my co-workers...” at Jack’s look, he clarified, “...female co-workers, and get to know Jones as well. Find out which vault has the diamond, find out which days Jones is not going to be at the office, call you, stage robbery, stage kidnaping, get out and live happily ever after.”

Jack nodded once, grinning at him. “Perfect.” He turned, tilting precariously on his heel and strode for the door. Once there, he turned back towards Will with a frown. “Don’t get too attached to that girl,” he said. The somber tone drew Will’s eyes up to meet his lovers. “You’re mine.”

Will glanced down at his hands then joined Jack at the door. “Only if you’re mine too,” he said quietly, kissing Jack sweetly on the mouth. Jack tried to deepen the kiss but Will evaded him. “See you at five, lover.” Then Will disappeared around the corner and faintly, Jack could hear the elevator ding.

The phone rang and Will stared at it for a minute before cluing in and picking up the phone with a cheerful, “Good Morning, Dutch Bank!” He listened for a moment and wrote down a name and a number. “Yes, that’s fine. I’m sure Mr. Swann will get back to you promptly.” He hung up with a few more words and handed the note to Elizabeth. “Give that to your father, please?” he asked.

She nodded, sashaying towards her father’s office, putting an extra wiggle into her hips in front of James. Will smiled and shook his head, glancing down at the files in his hand he started alphabetizing them and putting them in separate piles. The phone rang again.

“Good morning, Dutch Bank!” he said cheerfully, putting down his papers.

“You’re good at this,” a voice growled on the other end of the phone. Will’s smile deepened.

“Hey, you,” he said warmly. “Don’t trust me on my first day here?”

Jack chuckled. “Not a’tol, mate, just makin’ sure you’re goin’ by the book.” Will rolled his eyes and didn’t reply. He didn’t have to when Jack said, mockingly aggravated, “and don’t you roll your eyes at me, boy.”

“I wasn’t!” he exclaimed futilely. “I was...writing something down.”

Elizabeth sauntered back and frowned. “Who’s on the phone?” she asked curiously.

Will glanced up. “ brother.”

“Why Will,” the voice in his ear said sweetly, “I had no idea you’d fuck your brother.”

“Jack!” exclaimed Will, his ears bright red. “I’m hanging up on you now.”

“Kay!” There was a pause in which Jack waited for Will to clatter the phone down. When it didn’t happen, the con artist paused. “I love you,” he said quietly, and then the phone rang the dial tone in his ear. He smiled.


At five, Will stopped by Liz’s desk and offered her his arm. “May I take m’lady to dinner?” he asked cordially. She giggled and nodded, taking his arm and letting him waltz her over to her father’s office.

“Daddy,” she called, sticking her head into his office, “I’m going out to dinner with Will!” He glanced up sharply. “Oh please daddy, it’s only so we can get to know each other better. Please?”

Will stifled a smile and exchanged a look with a forlorn James. “Sorry,” he muttered to him. “She yours?”

The security guard shook his head. “Not in the least. That doesn’t mean I don’t want her to be. Go for it.”

Will grinned at him, then arranged his face into a more proper expression as Weatherby came out of his office with his daughter. “William, my boy,” he said with mock seriousness. “What’s this I hear about you taking my girl out on a date?”

William smiled charmingly, bowing at the waist. “Yes indeed, Manager Swann. I do endeavor to court yon fair maiden.”

Elizabeth giggled. “Oh please daddy, how can you say no after that?”

Weatherby sighed. “Bethie, sweetheart, you know I approve no matter who you pick.” Only Will caught the dejected look in the eavesdropping security guard’s eyes. It vaguely reminded him of Jack, in a way, whenever he thought too much and....

“What?” he said blankly when he realized he’d be asked something. “Sorry, what?”

Elizabeth giggled again. “Will, I asked where you’d be taking me.”

The younger man shrugged. “Where’s your favorite place to eat?” When Elizabeth’s eyes lit up, he groaned to himself. “I just damned myself to some place strange, didn’t I?” The other two men in the room nodded. He swore lightly under his breath, grinning to let Elizabeth know he was only joking.

Elizabeth patted his arm. “It’s okay. How about Café Italiano?” she said easily, naming an inexpensive fancy Italian restaurant only a few blocks away.

“Okay. I’ll need to call my brother though. He’s expecting me at five, so I should disillusion him of that.” He excused himself briefly back to his desk to call Jack. The phone rang for a few minutes, seven tones, before the machine picked up.

“You know what to do.” Beep.

Will paused. “Hey, Jack, stop screening your calls and pick up the phone, I have a change...” The receiver clicked. “...Hey,” he said softly into the phone, dropping his voice and turning his body slightly away from the people congregated across the room.

“Hey, love,” came the response. “Change in...?”

“Plans. I’m talking Elizabeth Swann out to dinner, so I’ll be home a little later.” There was a long pause on the other end of the phone. Will hurriedly added, “I’m going by the book, right? I I...” Will started to get flustered. “Jack? Are you mad at me?” he asked finally, quietly.

“No, love, I’m not angry with you. I’m just...” he heard a rustle on the other end of the line, when Jack shrugged, “I just wanted to see you.”

Will had to fight the urge to tell Elizabeth that it was his brother’s birthday and he had to go home straight after work. Will nodded to himself once. “I’ll be home at eight, okay?”

The phone went dead in his ear. He stared at it for a moment then sighed and replaced it on his desk. Elizabeth cleared her throat. He jumped, turning, his eyes wide. “Did I scare you?” she asked impishly.

“No, you merely startled me.” He gave her his most charming smile. “Ready, Miss Swann?”



When Will got home later than night, it was half after eight. Jack stood in the shadows of the kitchen doorway almost out of sight, but still casting a shadow on the black tiles of the floor. Will paused in hanging up his coat. “Jack?” he asked softly, afraid to break the stillness of the room.

“William,” he said evenly back, giving his younger lover no indication of his mood. “Have fun tonight?”

“Yeah, sure,” Will said carelessly, his eyes narrowed. “She’s good company.”

“Good company,” the other man repeated scathingly. “How good company? You’re late.”

Will strode across the kitchen floor to brush past Jack into the living room. The other members of the gang and household were suspiciously scarce. Will shrugged without turning. “Good enough I suppose. And I’m not late Jack. It’s half eight. What do you think we were doing? Having oral sex in the back of the cab?”

Jack seized Will’s shoulder and spun him around. “Well weren’t you?” he snapped, shaking him minutely. “Isn’t that what I said, right William? By the bloody fucking book?”

Will stared at him dispassionately. “Yes, Jack. Exactly as you said. By the book.” He rolled his eyes. “I’m going to bed, can I go now?”

“No!” Jack spat. “You can’t bloody go, you wanker! Tell me!”

“Tell you what Jack?” Will shot him a dirty look. “What the fuck do you want to hear? Elizabeth is a very nice girl. Girl! Since when have I ever been interested in women, Jack? Fuck, we’ve got sodding Ana Maria on the team and I’ve never once showed an interest in her, unlike you, who flirts with her and Tia any chance you got! So, Jack, I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t take your fidelity issues out on your very gay, not cheating, unassuming lover!” Will knocked his hands away. “I’m going to bed.”

Jack chased after him. “Wait, Will...I...” Will turned to stare at him. “I’m sorry. I just got...”

“Nervous?” Will shot back, “anxious?” His lips curled up in a smirk that had been wholly Jack’s once. “God forbid, frightened?”


Will started walking up the stairs to their bedroom. “News flash Jack, I’m not you. Good night.”

Jack stared in shocked silence up until Will got to the door. “Will!” He called desperately trying to fix whatever had gone wrong that night. “I love you,” he completed quietly.

Will stood silent. “Are you coming or what?” he asked finally, opening the door a little wider.

Jack breathed an unconscious sigh of relief. “Nope,” he answered. “Not even breathing hard.”

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