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Title: A Lesson Learned (Or Not)
Author: Miss ‘Drea
Rating: NC17 (No really, I mean that.)
Pairing: Jack/Tia Dalma
Summary: Jack asks for something, the witch granted it. Now she takes her price.


Tia twirled a feather between her fingers, letting it brush against her chin every so often. Jack glared impotently from the bed where she kept him immoveable. “I told you, Jack Sparrow, dat owing me would no’ end well for you,” she purred.

“Tia,” he growled, sweating profusely. The concoction of potions she’d brushed over his genitals made him hard as nails and twice as desperate. Every five minutes or so, Tia would lean over and brush the tip of the feather against the underside of his cock. “Jesus!”

She pulled out a leather thong, looping back her long hair. “Bu’ no, dat is no’ ‘ow you work, Jack Sparrow...” she murmured to him. “Always t’inkin’ dat you are one step a’ead o’ de game. One does not outsmart Tia Dalma.”

“This was not,” he said between gritted teeth, “what I though you had in mind.” He tried to pout but it dissolved into a moan when she brushed him with the feather again.

She leaned forward. “‘Ector gave me dis idea.” Then, conspiratorially, “‘e ‘ates bein’ teased.”

Jack scrunched his face up into a moue of distaste. “That, I didn’t really need to know.”

“We will see ‘ow long you can last,” she murmured seductively. Jack couldn’t help the pained whimper that escaped. Tia stripped off her red taffeta dress, then sauntered over to the bed with a delighted smile on her lips as she took in the sight of the struggling man. “Wad it takes to break you.”

“N-Ti-shit!” he cried when she leaned over and licked a broad stripe down his chest.

“Aah, Captain Sparrow can’t give in now,” she said, feigning a pout, her eyes betraying her amusement.

Jack breathed out slowly, staring into his capturer’s eyes defiantly. “I can take whatever you throw at me.” He immediately regretted his statement when she grinned.

“Good,” she breathed. “T’anks fer de permission.”

He swallowed hard. “You’re welcome,” he gasped out between pants of pure lust when a new wave of thrill rose together with his impatient rut.

She didn’t reply again, only smiled slyly. Her fingers danced over his skin, never lingering in one place for long, her touch light and teasing.

Soon, he was clamping his mouth closed over his desperate moans, clenching his teeth in order to cease his saying anything. Slowly, she began to firm up her touch, rolling her palms over his flat nipples. That wrenched a moan from him and the grin she gave him better belonged on a shark.

“Sorry Jack,” she drawled, “did you say somet’ing?”

“N-uh!-thing...” he panted, crying out mid word when she repeated the motion. “Fuck! Tia, just touch me, please!” he shouted.

Her grin widened predatorily. “” She slid her hands down his stomach.

“Tia!” he whined theatrically, tugging at his bonds.

She raised an eyebrow at him. “I figured dat you wouldn’t crack until I actually started doing something worth cracking over,” she drawled with a laugh.

Jack went white before flushing red. “Like what?” he panted, trying for annoyed tone.

Tia leaned back and snatched something off the table. “Like dis.” The feather danced its way over his balls, before sliding up the vein on the underside of his cock. She swirled it around the head of him until the feather was rendered useless by the pre-come he’d begun to secrete copiously. She discarded the feather and replaced it with the very tip of her tongue.

“Fuckfuckfuckfuck, Fuck!” he chanted when she scraped the side of her tongue over the head.

“Give yet?” she asked, chuckling.

“Never!” he hissed.

Tia offered him a one shouldered shrug. “If you say so,” she said, swinging one leg over his hips and sinking down onto his too rigid cock.

“Fuck!” he howled, hips pumping.

She didn’t give an inch, riding him slowly and deliberately. Tia kept two fingers underneath his balls as a steady, tormenting pressure. Her other hand rested against her clit. Jack kept his eyes on her hand as she rubbed her thumb rapidly over the sensitive nerves there.

“An’ now?” she asked breathlessly, he shook his head, eyes riveted.

She doubled her efforts, riding him faster and harder, and finally, throwing her head back, she orgasmed. The fingers beneath his balls never moved, and when her orgasm began to trigger his, she pulled off and away, leaving him hanging. “Tia!” he shouted, horrified.

She sat cross-legged between his bound thighs. “” she purred.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck!” he groaned, throwing his head back against the pillow. “Yes.”

“An’ what ‘ave we learned from dis, Jack?” she asked, placing her palms against his thighs.

“Never bother Tia when she’s working?” he pieced together.

Tia smiled, and without braking their eye contact, bent down to kiss Jack’s painfully rigid hardness. “Good boy,” she purred over his shout as he finally came, her hand stroking the cock in time with Jack‘s convulsing.

“Hmm...” she murmured, as his penis began to fill with blood and drugs once more. Giving it but a glance, she shrugged indifferently and left the room.

“Um...Tia? Aren’t you going to untie me? Tia?” Jack called when he could breathe enough to form words again. “Hello? …Bugger.”

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