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Title: Ex-Lover’s Lover
Author: Miss ‘Drea
Pairing: Jack/Will, mentions of Jack/Elizabeth and Elizabeth/Norrington
Summary: William dreams and doesn’t always like what he sees.


The hoe dug into the supple earth, tearing clods of dirt and hardtop from the ground. The sinuous muscles of the man stretched and rippled under a sheen of skin and sweat. The moonlight shown down illuminating the ground the man worked with. Stroke after stroke, motion after motion, dirt, mud, stones and debris rained down as he worked. Though sweat dripped into his flat brown eyes, he made no move to rub the moisture away.

Once the hole was dug, the man turned and pulled a wrapped bundle off the ground behind him. He held it in his arms almost reverently, then dropped it unceremoniously into the ground. Again, he paused, leaning on the broad stick of the hoe and stared at the corpse wrapped in dirty grey linen. Then he began pushing dirt back into the hole.

The first clod of dirt that hit the body dislodged the wrappings around its head. The moon came out from behind a cloud in time to illuminate the facial features of Jack Sparrow. His black kohl had been rubbed off, by tears, or sweat or manually, it wasn’t known. His lips were twisted in a paradox of a smile, almost as though he was expecting his killer. His black brows were drawn ever so slightly over glassy brown eyes, conveying his confusion. But his eyes, empty of life as they were, were filled with terror, sorrow, guilt and hatred.

Hatred for whom, himself or his killer, William Turner didn’t know. Glancing at the horizon, Will continued to shovel dirt onto the still, deceased form of his former Captain. Once the dirt was laid flat, and the clods of grass replaced haphazardly, Will tossed a wooden cross onto the ground, not even bothering to hammer it in.

The only sign, the only indication of who could be buried there was the small sparrow engraved into the wood, and perhaps the heart with the dagger through it told any viewer exactly why Captain Jack Sparrow had died.

William Turner sat up in bed, panting, terrified, sweat and tears trailing down his face. Limply a hand reached out of the mound of covers next to him and took a hold of his hand. Jack Sparrow sat up, pushing the blankets off him. He smiled crookedly. “Bad dream?”


Will stood in the shadows glaring out into the courtyard. By the fountain stood Jack, and with him Elizabeth. They were laughing together, Elizabeth’s hand held tightly in Jack’s. Their fingers were linked together, dark with pale, dirty with clean, and Will scowled deeper, wanting the power of his gaze alone to break the two of them apart.

Elizabeth reached up and kissed Jack gently on the cheek, and scampered off, disentangling her hand from Jacks. Jack amiably gave chase, and Will slunk deeper into the shadows to avoid them. Jack caught Elizabeth easily, and pulled her into the alley where Will waited. He slipped around the bend and waited, leaning his head against the cold stone. “What of Will?” Elizabeth asked breathlessly.

There was a thump, and from his vantage point, Will could see that Jack had pinned Elizabeth to the wall. “What of him?” Jack asked, leaning in teasingly.

“What if he sees us? Then he’ll know that...” Jack silenced her with a kiss.

“Know what, luv?” he asked, his voice husky and deep. “I’ve never promised him anything. ‘M not doin’ anything wrong.” His hand disappeared under her skirt. “Am I?”

Will turned and left, the scene making him physically ill. He slammed back into his blacksmith shop and angrily knocked the lock closed after him. It wouldn’t stop Jack, but it would slow him down. Will ripped a sword from the wall and brutally attacked the bags of sand that hung from the ceiling. Sand rained down, covering the cowering donkey and Will himself. When finally his strength gave out, Will sank to the floor, tossing the broken, dull blade away from himself.

When the door opened, and Jack walked in, he was greeted with a strange sight. Will was sitting slumped in the middle of the dirt floor, almost catatonic, sand around him in odd formations. Jack strode to his side, lifting his lover easily and carried him upstairs to the bedroom.


Jack got Will into the bath, and scrubbed him clean of the dirt, sweat and sand. “What happened?” he asked when Will focused on him. “Did someone break in?” Will nodded. “Did you win?” Jack asked, grinning. Will nodded again. “Noticed you used the sandbag idea,” Jack said, nodding to the floor below them.

Will cleared his throat. “Pirate,” he said softly. Jack smiled at him, gold tooth glinting in the evening light streaming through the window.

Jack helped Will out of the bath and stumbled them over to the bed. Will tumbled down onto his back, Jack rising over him. Will lifted himself up on to his elbows and kissed Jack. Jack submitted for a mere moment before linking Will’s wrists over his head and taking over.

Will tried to stay calm when he realized that Jack tasted of Elizabeth. But then Jack began kissing down his chest and coherent thought left him. Jack amused himself biting and licking at Will’s defined pectorals, until Will’s shifting grew desperate and Jack grew bored. Scraping his teeth down Will’s left nipple and his nails down the right, Will arched up, his mouth falling open in surprise.

Jack smirked against his lovers skin, licking a pattern across the blacksmiths belly. He dipped his tongue into Will’s belly-button, relishing in the long drawn out moan that Will let loose. “Like that?” Jack asked, Will could only nod helplessly. “Good.”

Jack nibbled on Will’s protruding hip bones, noting with concern that Will seemed to be getting thinner. He’d have to go and get them something to eat after this. Jack continued to dance around Will’s prominent erection until he felt a shaky hand lace through his hair. He looked up and Will sent him a pleading look. “Jack please,” he rasped out, “don’t tease me!”

There was something in Will’s eyes that Jack didn’t recognize, but Jack grinned at him and winked, licking one long line up Will’s cock. Will shuddered, his hand falling away from Jack’s head to fist in the sheets. Jack mouthed around the head and tip, feeling out each of Will’s separate reactions.

There was a wild, untamed gleam in Will’s eyes that Jack had never seen before, and suddenly he found himself hauled up, and pinned to the bed. “I said,” Will growled, his mouth close to Jack’s ear, “to stop teasing!”

“Thought I wa–ah!” Jack cried out when Will bit down on his ear, hard.

“You weren’t.” Will claimed his lips, almost brutally, and Jack decided he quite liked this feral side of Will. He glided his lips down Jack’s throat, and latching on to the sensitive area where neck met shoulder, Will bit.

Jack almost leapt off the bed in surprised pleasure. Will sucked hard, drawing blood, leaving a mark for all to see. He pulled away, and grinned showing off blood stained teeth. Jack growled and kissed him hard, licking the blood off his blacksmith. “Will...” he breathed, when without any warning, Will slid himself down onto Jack’s erection.

Jack didn’t move, waiting for the vaguely pained expression to leave Will’s eyes. When the strong, muscular body relaxed around his, Jack rolled them over. “Jack...” Will cried out as the pirate began to move. Will had to brace himself against the headboard with his arms in order to avoid his head slamming into the unyielding wood. Jack, once again, linked his wrists there strongly, immobilizing Will.

Unable to soothe his tortured erection, Will cried out in pleasure as Jack fucked him into the mattress. He thrashed wildly, desperate for stimulation, any stimulation. Jack, noticing his lovers turmoil, angled himself deeper, rubbing Will’s erection against their sweaty stomachs.

Will didn’t last much longer, and Jack not longer than he. Together, they grunted, pulling and pushing at each other until finally they reached the pinnacle of release together. Gasping and panting, Jack rolled off Will and curled into his side, unable to do much more than breathe deeply.

Will remained still, and once he calmed down his breathing was even and soothing. Jack fought sleep and got up, stumbling around for his clothes. “Where are you going?” Will asked sleepily, rubbing his eyes like a child.

“To get us some food,” Jack said, tugging on his breeches. “You haven’t been eating.”

Will grimaced at him. “Your pillow talk needs work, Jack.”

Jack sat on the bed next to him, trailing his fingers over Will’s ribcage. The other man twitched, and Jack raised an eyebrow. “You haven’t been eating,” he repeated. Will glared at him. Jack pinched the skin of the blacksmiths side and stood, pulling on his coat. “I’ll be back soon.” He leaned back down and kissed Will breathless. “Don’t miss me too much.”

Then the pirate was gone, leaving Will alone and bereft. It wasn’t until he heard the front door slam shut that he rolled over into the side where Jack slept, and breathing in the salt sea smell that was uniquely Jack, Will began to cry.


Two years before, the Black Pearl had sailed into Port Royale flying the White flag. Unable to shoot on sight, Admiral James Norrington allowed cessations to occur between himself and the pirate. With permission from both the Governor and the King himself, Captain Jack Sparrow became a privateer for the English Navy.

Immediately after, he went to see Will. The blacksmith was not exactly overjoyed to see the pirate, but allowed him into the smithy easily enough. When asked why Jack had gone privateer, the pirate shrugged, grinned and said, “seemed like a good idea at the time.”

The first time they kissed, Jack said, ‘seemed like a good idea at the time’. It took almost a year for that to happen, and more than that for anything else to commence. Will (though he had long since given up on Elizabeth) had years of self-hatred and abuse to work through. Jack was patient with him, and finally their relationship moved on.

Will would wait by the docks for days, just watching for black sails. He didn’t even wait for Jack to say hello when he walked in the door anymore, he just leapt on his pirate lover and ravished him then and there. They had certainly scarred the donkey for life.

And now...Jack was distant, aloof even. Sneaking out at all hours, coming back to wash, and then get into bed, Will thought Jack was stealing and although he didn’t approve, he didn’t mention. And he continued not mentioning even when Jack’s sneaking out got more frequent. And it was the not saying anything that was slowly breaking Will’s heart.

He hadn’t meant to find them. He hadn’t meant to follow Jack - he didn’t even know he was. An hour after Jack rose, Will couldn’t sleep, and he was only going to go to the docks to watch the moonlight on the water. A couple on the sand caught his attention, and he immediately recognized the voices.

Jack Sparrow, and Elizabeth Norrington.

He didn’t say anything, he just turned and walked away. They never even knew he was there. Will finally noticed the pattern to Jack’s nightly excursions. When the Admiral was away, Jack left. When Norrington was home, Jack stayed. He was nothing more than a warm body for Elizabeth...but they still didn’t tell him.

It wasn’t until that afternoon when he heard the conversation between them that he learned what Jack really felt for him. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Will cried until there were no tears left to cry. He rose quickly and washed his face clear of the weakness. Jack appeared only moments later, laden with meats and breads, ale and milk. “Food!” he said cheerfully.

Will turned, a strange half smile on his face. “I’m not hungry,” he said.

Jack’s easy smile faded. “Well,” he said bitingly, “you’re eating anyway.” He sat cross-legged on the bed and bit into a loaf of bread. “Sit!” he commanded.

Will sat, but didn’t touch the food. “What do you care if I eat or not?” the blacksmith said, a tinge of bitterness eating away at his tone. Jack, mid bite, laid the bread back on his lap. Will looked up, his eyes angry and cold. “You’ve never promised me anything...” Jack hid his expression well, and Will couldn’t read the thoughts racing through the pirates brain. “And after all, neither did I.”

“Will...” Jack said slowly. “What are you talking about?”

“Promises, Jack. I’m talking about promises.” The blacksmiths eyes glittered. “The ones you never gave me.”

“Will...” Jack rolled his eyes. “Wake up!”


Will woke up with a start, Jack shaking him and looking concerned. “You keep having nightmares, William, I’m getting worried.” When the blacksmith didn’t say anything, Jack continued with, “nightmares only mean you’re hiding something....” he winked at Will.

Will didn’t wink back. “Why aren’t you having nightmares Jack?” he asked quietly.

Jack frowned at him. “What...?” he asked, honestly confused.

“You and Elizabeth. I saw you.” The blacksmith chuckled bitterly. “Seen. I’ve seen you. It’s what I’ve been dreaming about.” He looked up at the surprised pirate. “I’m not that heavy of a sleeper Jack.”

“You followed me?” the pirate asked, his voice bland.

“No,” Will said, his voice honest. “You were gone, and I couldn’t sleep so I was just going to walk along the beach for a while until I got tired again. I was hoping to find peace. I found considerably more.”

“Will...” Jack said, reaching out a hand and linking their fingers.

The blacksmith glanced down at their joined hands. “You do this with Elizabeth too. Like today, in the square. And in the alley.”

“Oh Will...” Jack let his hands go, respecting his unspoken wish to not be touched.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Will asked, attempting (and failing) to hide his pain behind the bitter quality of his voice.

Jack cast around for a suitable answer, but came up empty. No matter how he played it, no matter what kind of answer Will received, he knew Jack well enough to know the truth when it fell from the pirates lips. “Elizabeth...she came to me even before we were...” he paused, “involved.” Will didn’t comment, just stared at Jack with luminous brown eyes. “She wanted another body to fill Norrington’s space when he was away at sea, and who better than me!” He grinned at Will hoping his lover would take the bait. He didn’t. Slightly more subdued, Jack continued. “That was how it was, for a while.”

“And then you kissed me,” Will said softly.

Jack was silent for a moment. “Aye, I kissed you. And Elizabeth respected that...and then Norrington was away for a long time, and she cornered me on my way back here. She told me that she would tell Norrington I had raped her in order to get me hung. I told her I was...” again he paused, “involved with you, but she said I couldn’t have you.”

Will stared, his mouth falling open in shock. “Elizabeth did this?!” He rose from the bed ignoring Jack’s appreciative look. He paced angrily, his long legs covering the distance easily. “How could she do this to us?” he asked finally, turning to face Jack.

Jack shrugged. “I don’t know, whelp.”

Will strode forward and kissed him brutally. “You’re mine, Sparrow. And she’ll pay before she touches you again.”

Jack grinned against Will’s mouth. “I like it when you’re possessive,” he murmured, and kissed Will again. Jack spun Will around and slammed him into the wall, he dropped to his knees, and pinning Will’s squirming hips he began biting and licking the smooth flesh of Will’s derriere.

When Jack’s tongue finally found its way to Will’s heated and stretched arsehole, Will cried out and arched his head back, grinding his hips into the wall. Noticing that, Jack shifted his grip on Will’s hips, wrapping one arm around his waist, trapping him and effectively stopping him from grinding his cock into the wood. Though Will loved it when Jack licked him there - there wasn’t enough friction or stimulation for Will to come from it. Unable to grind his frustrations into the wall, Will was only able to pant and moan and thrash and writhe.

Jack could keep it up for absolute ages, satisfying his own urge with one hand, he used his body weight to keep Will immobile. Will was almost unable to take anymore, and when Jack heard the moaning sob of pleasure, he focused on Will’s erect cock, red and purple with unfulfilled desire, and his balls were verging on navy from the lack of release. Jack slid his fingers into Will, and stopped moving, letting Will get used to the intrusion.

The only sound was Will’s ragged breathing before finally, he spoke. “Jack...” he said dangerously. “I’m going to kill you.”

Jack grinned impishly, though it was obviously strained. “And if I don’t want to move?”

“Jack!” wailed Will at the end of his rope. “Move!”

Jack moved his middle finger just a fraction of an inch, and Will’s body shook under the strain. “Like that?”

“More,” pleaded Will, trying to grind backwards. Jack slid his fingers from Will’s body ignoring his heated cry of protest. He stood, and turned Will around grinding his clothed body into the blacksmith’s naked one. Will’s head fell back. “Jack, please, I can’t take anymore,” he pleaded, clinging to his lover.

“Why are you holding back, Will?” Jack asked, softly in his ear, making sure his lips brushed over all of the sensitive points on the body part.

“Can’t...don’t” Will was panting, his eyes screwed shut, his face pressed into Jack’s shoulder.

Jack grinned. He snaked a hand between their bodies and rested it on Will’s hip. “Tough, lover,” he growled. “This is for you.” He roughly grabbed Will’s sensitive member, and stroked once. Will roared, muffling into Jack’s shirt and shoulder. Jack winced at the bite, but continued to stroke until Will’s limp body twitched no more. “You alive?” Jack asked softly, chuckling.

Will didn’t respond, only rolled his head up and glared at Jack. The pirate picked up Will and deposited him in the bed. “I think you killed me.” When he could move again, he sat up, “Jack! What about you?”

Jack grinned sheepishly and gestured. A dark stain had spread on his pants. Then he shrugged. “Kind of hard not to when you’re bucking ‘gainst me.” Will was leaning forward seductively when the front door banged open. They froze.

“William Turner!” shouted Norrington.

“He’s home?!” hissed Will to Jack who looked just as surprised as he was. “I’ll be down in a second, Admiral!” he called, hastily pulling on his clothes. Once they were on correctly, Jack quickly fixed the leather tie that looped around his neck so it wasn’t backwards and tucked in Will’s shirt effortlessly. He kissed Will quickly and shoved him towards the door.

“I’ll be quiet as a mouse,” he said quietly, motioning himself quiet. Will rolled his eyes but descended the stairs.

“Admiral, I’m sorry to keep you waiting, I’m afraid I’ve been feeling poorly and you caught me on the brink of a nap. What can I do for you?”

James Norrington pulled Will in close and although the younger man’s eyes went wide, James ducked his head and whispered quietly, “is your pirate around?”

Will shook his head but questioned, “my pirate?”

“My Elizabeth,” James went on ignoring Will’s question, “has been telling me some interesting things. She says that the pirate is...doing unspeakable sodomy to you. You would come to me, would you not, if this were true?”

Will was surprised, and slightly touched, that James Norrington of all people would try to protect him. But he shook his head, and replied, just as quietly, “no, sir, I mean, yes sir, I would come to you if such a thing were happening, but no sir, Jack hasn’t touched me.”

James looked at Will’s honest face. “I’m glad that’s the case. Please, William, do come to me if any such problems arise.”

“Of course, Admiral.” Will waited until James was well and truly gone before he burst into hysterical laughter. Jack leaned down the stairs, “unspeakable sodomy?” Will asked him when he got his giggles under control.

“You love it.”

Will’s smile faded. “Yeah,” he said softly. “I do.”


Two men stood on a hill top in the moonlight, their shirts clinging to their frames as they worked the hoes deeper into the ground. A wrapped body lay next to them, still and unmoving as death. In half the time it would take one man, the hole was dug and the body dropped in. Both men stood, panting as they gave their respects. Then they began shoveling the dirt. After a few thumps from the clods, the linen moved to reveal the serene face of Elizabeth Norrington. There was no fear, no pain, no anger on her face, only peacefulness. One of the men leaned over and flicked the linen back over her face with his hoe and continued working. Once the hole was completed covered and the sod replaced, William Turner asked his partner quietly, “why didn’t you give her a proper burial?”

“Because,” the other man replied, “she didn’t deserve one.” With that, Admiral James Norrington strode over the hill and was gone into the night, ready to clean up and wake in the morning in shocked surprise to see his wife gone from her bed. They would put up a search of course but it would come up empty.

No one would be blamed, not even if they knew the truth. No one could possibly blame the Admiral or the blacksmith. After all, it wasn’t their fault she committed suicide.


Will trudged into the smithy at half past four in the morning. Jack was waiting anxiously by the hearth, and he leapt to his feet once the door was locked behind Will. “Are you all right?” he asked, trying to underplay his concern for his male lover.

“No,” Will said honestly. “But I will be.”

Jack took him by the shoulders. “Will you be?” he asked searchingly.

Will smiled. “Sure,” he said. And Jack kissed him, gently and passionately, lightly and deeply. He led Will from the room, and up the stairs into their bed, where promises lay at their feet.

Will didn’t have to see the bottle of poison Jack had thrown away.

- End- 
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